Waved Tech-Optimised Cold-Pressed Juices, One Red Juice and One Orange Juice Sitting On Water With Rippling Waves

Patented tech-powered beverage-making process

Our proprietary beverage-making process is powered by our patented ultra-low frequency electromagnetic wave technology.

With over 20 years and US$50 million invested into research of development for this technology, we have perfectly incorporated within our beverage-making process so as to make our beverages even healthier, without chemicals or additives added.

Research-based benefit explanation

A complete breakdown on how our technology-enabled product benefits can be beneficial to you.

Symmetrical Arrangement Of Waved Tech-Optimised Cold-Pressed Juice, Classic With Carrot, Apple, Ginger and Lemon

More cell-protecting antioxidants

Research has shown close links between oxidative stress and chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Oxidative stress is caused by excessive free radicals, they are unstable atoms/molecules that can originate internally from our bodies or externally from the environment.

Antioxidants are needed to neutralise and shut down these free radicals so as to prevent oxidative stress. Waved Beverages provide both plant-based antioxidants and tech-powered antioxidants, without using artificial or chemical means.

Waved Tech-Optimised Cold-Pressed Juice. Tropical Green Flavour With Pineapple, Green Apple, Celery, Lime and Spinach. With Lime Bouncing

More nutrients and healthy plant compounds extracted

 Plant foods such as fruits and vegetables are inherently rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and plant compounds that are beneficial to human health. However, the nutrient value of the food is almost always altered by the kind of processing it undergoes, especially the vulnerable water-soluble vitamins.

On top of our cold beverage-making process used to preserve these bioactive compounds in our plant ingredients, we also wave them  with our technology to penetrate deep into the plants at the cellular level so as to prime them for better extraction of nutrients and flavour.

From our lab tests, we observed that we could extract up to 13% more organic compounds from our plant ingredients, thereby potentially contributing to higher nutrients, enzymes and plant compounds in our beverages.

Women in forties doing yoga in teal green yoga outfit practicing yoga with 2 glass bottles of tech-optimised cold-pressed juices by her side

Better immune and metabolic health

Strong immunity performance generally means fast production of an abundant supply of white blood cells and antibodies that can help to kill invading viruses in our bodies.

Research has shown that metabolic energy is critical to support a healthy immune system. A healthy diet is therefore critical to ensure sufficient amounts of micronutrients and energy for our immune systems to function optimally. Now on top of Waved Beverages’ nutrient-dense plant ingredients, we infuse metabolic energy that can be utilised by our bodies to support our immune health.

Woman In Forties at F45 Doing Planks With Waved Tech-Optimised Juice By Her Side

More effective fat burn

Our body can burn glucose/carbohydrates or fat for energy. At rest, our body energy is low and will prefer to burn glucose/carbohydrates for energy, when glucose is available. Fat burn happens only when fat burn enzyme - Lipase is triggered by various hormones during states of elevated body energy.

All of our Waved Beverages are infused with metabolic energy that can elevate our body energy, even at rest, thereby triggering greater fat burn as opposed to just burning carbohydrates or glucose.

Longer shelf-life

The roots of our Waved technology trace back to the industrial applications of ultra-low frequency electromagnetic waves to control or reduce bacteria count in cooling towers or ballast water tanks.

Now using the same working principle, we have crystalised the same scientific concept into our proprietary beverage-making system to control bacteria growth in our plant-based beverages, thereby increasing the shelf-life of our beverages without using chemicals, preservatives, heat pasteurisation or high pressure processing.

Waved Tech-Optimised Cold-Pressed Juice Sweet Beet Pouring Into A Glass

Less harmful effects from excess fructose

Fructose is a type of simple sugar that forms 50% of our common table sugar. It is responsible for the natural sweetness of plant foods such as fruits. Today, fructose has become a popular form of sweetener used by companies selling ready-to-drink beverages such as sugary sodas.

What many do not know is that the body mainly processes fructose in the liver, similar to processing toxins from alcohol. When fructose intake is excessive, there are 2 harmful biological pathways that the body can take which can increase the risks for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, gout, inflammation or insulin resistance.

Research has shown that both can be avoided with enhanced antioxidants and elevated body energy, which all Waved Beverages are infused with.

The information presented on this site is for educational purposes only, and is not to be viewed as a replacement for professional medical advice. All of the benefits claimed above have not been clinically-tested using Waved’s products specifically.