Who is Waved?

Waved Beverages is a beverage-tech startup based in Singapore. We are committed to making waves in beverages, literally and figuratively, for a healthier world.

What does Waved sell?

We sell plant-based beverages such as cold-pressed juices that are made from 100% pure and raw fruits and vegetables. Our menu is ever-expanding because when it comes to plant-based ingredients, there is so much nature has to offer in both variety and research-based health benefits.

What makes Waved different?

We're the world's first to produce a range of tech-optimised plant-based beverages.

Our beverages are produced with our proprietary manufacturing system that is powered by our patented electromagnetic wave technology. This allows for tech-enabled benefits beyond research-based plant ingredient benefits. Enabled by our technology, Waved Beverages contain more extracted nutrients and healthful compounds from our plant ingredients. They also contain infused anti-oxidising and metabolic energy that may protect or rejuvenate your body cells, promote fat burn, boost immunity, minimise metabolic conditions and lengthen beverage shelf-life.

Where can I find Waved?

Waved Beverages are sold online and delivered islandwide. Alternatively, you could also purchase in-store at our retail outlet located at 2 Fowlie Road, #01-06, Singapore 428505.

How can I contact Waved for support?

We’d love to hear from you. Email us at or WhatsApp us at 83885155. Our team will help you out as soon as possible.

Can I gift Waved?

OF COURSE! We always say: the only thing better than drinking Waved Beverages is sharing them with a friend. Feel free to send a bundle or two to a friend directly for them to get Waved!


How does your Waved technology work?

Our technology works in two parts within our proprietary manufacturing system. Part one works with our raw plant ingredients, whereas the part two works with our extracted beverages.

Part one involves creating a field of electromagnetic waves that penetrate deep into the cells of our plant ingredients to prime them for better extraction. This allows us to extract more nutrients and healthy plant compounds during extraction.

Part two involves injecting electromagnetic waves into the extracted beverage. These waves then energise every single water molecule within the beverage, creating clouds of free-donating electrons within the beverage. These free-donating electrons can now be used to prevent free radicals from damaging our cells, promote better immune and metabolic health and so on. These free-donating electrons are also known as our infused anti-oxidising and metabolic energy.

How does your Waved technology benefit me?

Every single bottle of Waved you drink has been optimised by science.

We maximise nutrients and healthy plant compounds extracted from our plant ingredients and we infuse anti-oxidising and metabolic energy into the finished beverages. Our tech-enabled benefits are mainly the following:

- More cell-protecting antioxidants
- More nutrients and healthy plant compounds extracted
- Better immune and metabolic health
- More effective fat burn
- Longer shelf-life
- Less harmful effects from excess fructose

Learn more about tech-enabled benefits here.

Does your Waved technology make my beverages less safe for consumption?

Not at all! Our technology does not change any attribute about the beverage or the ingredients. They are unmodified and as they came.

One good analogy is the microwave ovens we have at home. These ovens use electromagnetic waves of a set frequency range to perform functions such as heating up our food. Similarly, we use electromagnetic waves of a set frequency range to perform certain functions. These functions include priming our plant ingredients for the extraction of more nutrients and infusing anti-oxidising and metabolic energy within our beverages.

World Health Organisation has also concluded that current evidence does not confirm the existence of any health consequences from exposure of low level electromagnetic fields. You could read more here.


Do you add anything other than plant ingredients in your recipes?

Absolutely not. We do not add any water, refined sugar, artificial additives, chemicals or preservatives into our beverages such as cold-pressed juices. What you are consuming are just pure plant ingredients.

Do you process your ingredients in any way?

Research has shown that processing your plant ingredients with heat, pressure or chemicals will destroy the nutrient content within the plants, rendering them not as healthy as before. So we maintain a strict policy of no-heat and low-speed-less-oxidising beverage-making. We do not process our raw ingredients in any way before we use them.

In the case of our technology, it does not introduce any factors such as heat or pressure that could reduce the nutrient content. Our technology actually primes the raw ingredients on the cellular level for enhanced extraction of more nutrients and healthy compounds.

Are your beverages gluten-free?

Yes. All of our beverages are gluten-free as they don't contain any wheat, rye, barley, crossbreeds of these grains, or any ingredient derived from the aforementioned.

Are your beverages vegan-friendly?

Yes. All of our beverages are plant-based and do not contain ingredients of animal origin, including milk, eggs, honey and gelatin.

What are your beverages sweetened with?

Waved Beverages do not contain any artificial sweeteners or refined sugars. Every bit of sweetness comes from the fruits and vegetables or plant ingredients themselves.


What is the shelf-life of your beverages?

Our beverages have an industry-leading shelf-life of 8 to 12 days, enabled only by our technology and nothing else.

All of our beverages are not pasteurised nor processed by HPP (High-Pressure Processing). We also do not add preservatives or any other artificial additives. Just pure plant ingredients, and nothing else.

Why is there separation in your beverages?

Separation is actually an expected sight for plant-based beverages such as cold-pressed juices that are manufactured in a pure way without the addition of emulsifiers, stabilisers or other chemical agents. This is common even with the highest quality of cold-pressed juices. This separation typically occurs naturally as the plant compounds such as vitamins, minerals and plant nutrients settle at the bottom of the bottle, separating them from the water content of the fruits and vegetables.

Does separation in the beverages indicate that the quality is low?

Not really! Separation is a natural phenomenon and sight for beverages that do not contain artificial additives such as stabilisers and emulsifiers formulated to prevent separation.

What is key though is whether or not after a light shake, the beverage goes back to being homogenous, mixing well within itself and remaining vibrant in colour. That is one of the key marks of quality for beverages such as cold-pressed juices.

Why do my beverages look cloudy after a few days of chilled storage?

Due to difference in densities of many healthy plant compounds in your beverages, these compounds such as phytonutrients or soluble fiber may move about within your beverages in different ways, hence creating a seemingly cloudy effect in your beverages. This is actually a beautiful sight because it is as natural as it could get with a freshly-made beverage with fresh raw plant ingredients.

How long do I have to consume my beverage after opening the bottle?

We'd recommend to finish your beverage within 3 hours if it is in room temperature.

If it is left in your fridge after a few sips, we'd recommend to consume it within 24 hours.

How long can I leave my beverages unrefrigerated without them going bad?

We'd recommend a maximum of 3 hours. Please keep them in the fridge as soon and as much as possible. This ensures the highest quality in taste and health benefits.

Can children consume your beverages?

Waved Beverages are generally safe for children but please consult your paediatrician if your child has any underlying health conditions or you have any reason for concern!

When is the best time to consume your beverages?

Waved Beverages are perfect at any time of day! We’ve heard it all—first thing in the morning, after a workout, mid-day perk-me-up, as an after-dinner treat. The options are endless, you decide!

Do you offer cleanse programs?

We do not offer cleanse programs as we do not encourage cleanses that require you to skip meals of solid food intake. Without solid foods, our bodies will not have essential macronutrients such as amino acids and fatty acids that are required for cell rejuvenation. Fruits and vegetables in general do not contain sufficient macronutrients, although they are packed with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals.

Together with micronutrients and other healthy compounds such as phytonutrients, these macronutrients work to keep our bodies fully functional and healthy.

Waved Beverages are daily beverages that contain essential vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients and tech-infused anti-oxidising and metabolic energy to help your body function at its best. These beverages are complementary to your lifestyle and diet. They are not meant to replace your diet or disrupt your lifestyle.

We do offer subscription on all of our beverages. You could check them out here.

Is it okay to drink more than one of your beverages a day?

Sure! But as with all things in life, consume our beverages in moderation and savour and enjoy every sip of them.


What is your cost of delivery?

Waved offers free shipping on all orders above S$79, and a flat-fee shipping of S$8.90 for any order value that is under S$79.

How do you ship your beverages?

We deliver our beverages islandwide via our trusted logistics partners with dedicated experience in F&B delivery.

Our beverages are typically packed in either our reusable cooler bags or wraps, with reusable ice gel packs to keep them chilled during transportation.

When should I expect my beverage delivery?

You would be prompted to select a delivery date from our available delivery dates on the cart page. Your beverages will be delivered between 5pm - 8pm on your preferred delivery date.

Must I ensure that someone is available to receive your beverages?

Absolutely yes. Our promise to you is that we will do everything we can to have our beverages stay fresh and chilled while being transported to you. You can certainly help us a great deal if you could have someone ready to receive them and refrigerate them immediately upon receipt. This allows them to stay fresh and tasty throughout their shelf-life.

Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we do not ship internationally :( Keep an eye out as we grow—we hope to be in your country soon!


What can I reuse or recycle from Waved's packaging?

You can recycle everything from Waved's packaging. If you have no use for them, you could pass them back to us during your next delivery. Here's a list of items you can either hand back to us or reuse and recycle yourself.

- Glass bottles
- Cardboard bottle tray
- Cooler bag
- Cooler wrap
- Ice gel packs. These can be refrozen to be used again
- Biodegradable plastic carrier

Do you offer any bottle-return or packaging-return program?

Absolutely yes! Feel free to pass us all the following items during your next delivery or drop them off at our shop. We would gladly collect them back to sanitise for reusing.
- Lightly rinsed glass bottles
- Cardboard bottle tray
- Cooler bag
- Cooler wrap
- Ice gel packs. These can be refrozen to be used again
- Biodegradable plastic carrier


How can I sign up for a recurring subscription?

We made our subscription simple as can be and hiccup-free. When you head over and select any of our products, you will see two purchase options: the one-time order at full price, and the subscribe and save which saves you 10% on each order.

How can I swap my subscription flavor?

Absolutely yes. You can manage your subscription on our website simply by logging in here. But sometimes it's just easier to speak to someone, so feel free to email us at or WhatsApp us at 83885155. Our team will help you do that as soon as possible.

Can I skip a shipment?

Absolutely yes. You can manage your subscription on our website simply by logging in here. But sometimes it's just easier to speak to someone, so feel free to email us at or WhatsApp us at 83885155. Our team will help you do that as soon as possible.

Can I get my subscription sooner than planned?

Absolutely yes. You can manage your subscription on our website simply by logging in here. But sometimes it's just easier to speak to someone, so feel free to email us at or WhatsApp us at 83885155. Our team will help you do that as soon as possible.

How will I receive my exclusive perks?

We’ll send subscriber-only discounts, exclusive early access to flavors, and more right to your email! Pro tip: the longer you’re with us, the greater the rewards!

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit cards for our subscriptions. Each order is billed right before it ships!

How can I use dedicated support?

Our subscription support team is here for you via WhatsApp and email to help with any and all things Waved. Swap a product, change order frequency, ask a question, send us a joke—we’re here for it all. Email us at or WhatsApp us at 83885155. Our team will assist you as soon as possible.

Can I still take advantage of deals for non-subscribers?

But of course! While you do get special pricing as a subscription customer, you can take advantage of regular promotions by checking out outside of your subscription account!